About Us

The Partnership

Cofounders Kyu Hyun and Sonya share a vision for creating a martial arts school where the student comes first and the communication lines are open. They both take a deep personal pride in helping each and every student discover their own potential and growth as an individual both physically and emotionally. They want their students to feel what it is like to live with a Taekwondo philosophy.

As former kindergarten teachers, both Kyu Hyun and Sonya recognize the need to work slowly with encouragement through developmental steps of any new skill, and apply that philosophy diligently to their teaching style so that their students can feel their growth without feeling overwhelmed, getting hurt or losing their focus and inspiration.

Community Commitment

In addition to creating a Taekwondo school with a difference, Kyu Hyun and Sonya are both committed to the formation of a non-profit foundation that will benefit the community in which their schools are based. A percentage of school profits will always be directed toward this end.

Mountain Taekwondo

The Team

Kyu Hyun Seol

Head Master & Curriculum Manager

Master Kyu Hyun Seol is a 6th dan black belt with over 28 years Taekwondo experience. He was born, raised and trained in Korea. He is also a former Kindergarten teacher.

Over the last year, Master Seol was the manager of Champion Taekwondo in Indio. Previous to that he was the Lead Master at Talium Taekwondo in Irvine for 7 years and earned an admirable reputation as a teacher capable of reaching and engaging his students with his own unique style of educating.

Master Seol has international teaching experience, having taught in the USA, Canada, and Korea, where he also managed taekwondo schools.

Sonya Versluys

Head Instructor & Office Manager

Sonya Versluys is a 3rd dan black belt in Taekwondo with 10 years of Martial Arts Experience.

Sonya was born and raised in Australia, and was also a former Kindergarten teacher.

Sonya has spent 20 years as a freelance writer and photographer specializing in marketing, PR, short stories, opinion pieces as well as fine art photography.

Master Kyu Hyun Seol has trained Instructor Sonya to 3rd dan black belt.